New Jersey Sandbars

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Traveling on 35mm

Working with film seems such an extracurricular hobby within the photography realm. Though I shot a few rolls of film before immersing myself into the visual medium, I readily admit I’m a digital baby. I learned photography on Canon digi bodies and I’ve embraced our techsavy society. iPhone literacy is to be expected these days, so you can catch me on Instagram, Snap me your lunch or Tweet me an interesting article. The majority of my work is captured digitally. Though I have been hired occasionally to shoot film, I mostly use it for personal work.

But film though, where does it fit? It comes in rolls, not memory cards. After you make an image you cannot look at the back of the camera to see if you got it right. Rather than instant, it’s delayed gratification. You may wait a few weeks to see if the moment you sought, or the exposure you guessed, worked well. Shoot 36 frames, drop off for processing. Upon pickup you are presented with a gift: surprise. I always forget exactly what I shot in between the images I remember making. Meaning, there are always one or two frames I remember shooting vividly. But the moments I was privy to record on that same roll can often times be the instants worth recording.

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Spartan Race – Atlanta

Long time no update! Plenty going on the past few weeks and so much to bring you all up to speed on. Last weekend I had the pleasure of flying to Atlanta as a photographer for Reebok’s Spartan Race. In case you are unfamiliar, these races are a grueling obstacle course/run designed to promote teamwork and test your physical ability. I love traveling to shoot these events because they’re fun, outside and my access to make great images has no limits. There are so many inspiring people racing in these events such as paraplegic Michael Mills and triple amputee Todd Love. Also, when part of your job description includes photographing Alicia Keys how could you go wrong? Have a look at some of the images I made below.

spartan race reebok race michael mills alicia keys spartan alicia keys barbed wire todd love dog burpees muddy shower ATL_201403_RS_179 teamwork michael mills finish spartan race outdoor run mud pit rope rope climb spartan

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An Eldritch Blanket

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Fishing Ecuador

Traveling through South America it became apparent that fishing was a staple for many economies. Ecuador often smelled like fish, even in the mountains. It wasn’t until I saw an over sized pickup truck speeding down the highway leaking fish blood that I understood why most of the country’s main roads smelled like fresh catch. We stopped in a local fishing port during the morning haul. I asked the fisherman if I could tag along and make some photographs. harbor  fish blood ecuadorfish dump fisherman's portrait fallen fish fishing lifestyle Fregatidae fisherman  fisherman fishing ecuador fishing truckharbor

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Panama City

Panama City is home to nearly million people and a plethora of high rise buildings. Panama being a new country to me, I had no idea what to expect. Interesting streets and welcoming people blanket this international hub. Central and South America provide ample opportunity to speak Spanish, and I enjoyed the challenge of making photographs in another language.

grafiti panama      lavamatico mother and childdowntown panama residenciamaersk shippingportrait chefbba buildingbus stop

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Aerial View of the Polar Vortex

As I left the Polar Vortex behind I was amazed to see my home state locked in ice and snow. The first image is Sandy Hook National Park and the Bayshore Area. You can see everything from the Highlands and Raritan Bay, all the way to Coney Island. Centered in the second image is Asbury Park. Though bitter cold, the world looks beautiful from the sky, I love aerial photography.

Currently, I am in the belly of South America. Ok, well maybe more like the collar bone region if you want to get more specific. There are some waves on the way, and friendly people abound here. Keep an eye on my social channels to stay up to speed, full blog post once I return :)

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Instagram Surf Photography and Watershot Housings

With the advent of mobile technology and the explosion of surfing in the Northeast it was only a matter of time before the two converged. During a day of good waves, a quick scroll through my Instagram feed reveals a myriad of geotagged photos.

Recently, Watershot has brought me aboard as an ambassador. Wielding a decent social media following and instant upload capability irresponsibility, is a quick way to earn cold stares when rolling up to any wave. I’m psyched to have a new way to bring images to the world of surfing via iPhone.  In fact, this little housing and fisheye combo is providing some much needed inspiration to my work. I’ve found myself swimming out with the Watershot Pro + iPhone5 combo on days when I would pass on shooting all together. It has brought more joy and reminded me that surf photography is so much fun, even on the not so epic days. I just caution you to use your housing wisely, no need for specific street names, geotags or landmarking in your photos.

As part of my ambassadorship, Watershot has offered a discount to my friends, of which I’m so very happy to share.  When purchasing online type in the code “@RyanStruck” and receive 10% off your order. Feel free to Tweet me or give me a shout on Instagram, I’d love to see what you all are shooting :)

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Moments From Sunday

A day of Garden State reaffirmation. Waking early; the tide still plump with lunar gravity. Delivering gifts of yesterday’s storm and arriving with the morning. Each sandbar received. Tugging at wetsuits, boots, hoods and gloves and slipping into the sea. Some wielding boards, others just to see.

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Asbury Park Snowstorm – January 2014

A ton of snow fell on Monmouth County over the weekend. The temperature dropped and the waves came up. Though it wasn’t the most ideal swell and wind direction, there’s always something to look at when the world is covered in snow.

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